Cyber-Security in the Automotive Industry

Panel - Current Cyber Threat Picture, Maritime Hacking, the Future of Unmanned Maritime Warfare

The conduct of Cyber Statecraft is at the nexus of technology and geopolitics. As states assimilate technology into new domains of …

The Challenges of Cyber-Threat Detection and Mitigation for Energy Networks


Cyber-Security Deception and Gamification for Criminals

Cyber-Security for Critical Infrastructures

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Response and Automation

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Massivelly Parellel Intrustion Detection Systems

Massivelly Parallel Intrusion Detection Systems

Invited Lecture Machine Learning

All Your Devices Are Belong to Us


CBI Scotland on How to Spot a Cyber-Attack

Scottish Police Academy on Digital Forensics for IoT


Middlesex University on the role of Machine Learning in Cyber Security

Invited Panel on Hardware Security


Invited Lecture on The role of HPCs and GPUs in Cyber Security